Tazgha Online Club

Guests or students who spend four

weeks or more at Tazgha are automatically granted membership in our Tazgha online community. During their time at Tazgha, students form valuable connections with our teaching staff and imams. These relationships should not be severed upon completion of their educational journey. This is the driving force behind the establishment of our Tazgha online community.

The Tazgha online club serves as a comprehensive support system for students seeking to further their Islamic education at home or after school. Our team of experienced facilitators caters to students of all levels, including those who may not have access to nearby mosques. Learners can access recorded lectures covering topics of their interest, guided by the imams they have already established a rapport with. Imams will continue to provide online guidance to help students achieve their learning objectives.

This ongoing service is available at a nominal fee as long as the student requires it. The online club also features a download area for study materials and an online video library. This service is particularly beneficial for converts who may seek support as they embark on their spiritual journey.

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