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Earn Rewards: Imams and Mosques, unite!

At Tazgha House, we believe in fostering cultural understanding and enriching communities through immersive Arabic language, Islamic studies, and cultural immersion programs. That's why we're excited to offer a unique partnership opportunity designed to benefit both your mosque and your congregants.

Introducing the Tazgha House Referral Program:

- Recommend our diverse programs: Share details about our programs' focus on personal growth, cultural understanding, and diverse Islamic perspectives with your community.

- Earn generous rewards: Receive £100 for every confirmed adult booking and £50 for every junior booking using your unique referral code (Use your mosque name as a reference code if you don't already have one)

- Support your mosque: Choose to directly donate a portion of your earned rewards to empower your mosque's mission, enrich the lives of your community, or even cover your travel expenses. It's your reward, you have the control.

Why partner with Tazgha House?

- Offer life-changing experiences: Provide your congregants with opportunities for personal growth, cultural understanding, and a deeper connection to their faith.

- Strengthen your community: Foster bonds within your mosque by encouraging shared learning and cultural exploration, regardless of gender, age, or background.

- Generate additional income: Supplement your mosque's finances through the referral program and donations, while promoting positive values.

- Align with your values: Partner with a mission-driven organization committed to interfaith dialogue, cultural understanding, and inclusivity.

Ready to embark on this journey together?

- Create your dedicated referral account: It's free and easy to join! Contact us with your mosque/charity name to express interest, and we'll send you a unique code.

- Share your unique code: Promote Tazgha House programs through mosque announcements, newsletters, social media, and personal recommendations.

- Track your impact: Monitor your referrals and earned rewards in your dashboard, and witness the positive impact on your community.

Remember, by partnering with Tazgha House, you're not just earning rewards, you're opening doors to new horizons for your congregants and strengthening the foundation of your mosque.

Join us in spreading knowledge, fostering understanding, and empowering communities, one transformative journey at a time.

Start sharing today!

Additional benefits:

- Airport pickup, included meals, and homestay experiences.

- Complimentary group leader accommodation for groups of 3 or more.

Together, let's build bridges of understanding and enrich the world, one community at a time.

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